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The Wobbly Butt Beers


Addie's Ale

Lot's of attitude just like our Addie-Jo and guaranteed to make you wag your tail. A red ale that's full of flavor, color and personality, it combines the perfect amount of hops and grains to create something truly unique. This is the beer that is always happy when you get home.​ 

ABV: 5.25%


Leroy's Lager

This is the beer that started it all, named and crafted after the Wobbly Butt that made all of this possible. It's a stubbornly

hoppy and sweet chocolaty beer with tons of flavor and a great personality. Though it is actually classified as a Porter/Stout, Leroy insisted it be called a Lager and since it's named after him, we felt it was only fair. This beer isn't your grandfathers Stout, it's a surprisingly light and fun Stout that will change your feeling on the category forever.

ABV: 7.30%


Badger Hunter

One of our favorites! This is the beer you want to be drinking on those warm summer days while standing in front of the BBQ. A Soft, crisp beer with tons of summer flavor and golden color. It makes everything right in the world, just like the badger hunters themselves, this beer will hunt down your taste buds.

ABV: 4.33%

Low Rider IPA Label FINAL.jpg

Low Rider IPA

This is the IPA to drink

during a California sunset.

This wonderfully light and

fruity IPA is a great way to listen 

to the breeze as you dig

your feet into the sand.

This an IPA that  will make you

question all other IPA’s.

ABV: 6.70%



Coming this October. Even though we won't be able to celebrate Oktoberfest in its entirety this year, you can still celebrate with Wobbly Butt Brewery and its Puptoberfest. This beer holds all the same qualities that you will find in an Oktoberfest beer, but at WBB we want to be unique and this beer delivers. Come October, you won't believe you celebrated Oktoberfest without this beer.

ABV: 6.30%


Wet Wiener IPA

Coming soon this holiday season. The Wet Wiener IPA is truly a Seattle beer. With all ingredients coming from the Cascade mountains in Washington state this beer reminds us of home. Being from Seattle ourselves we wanted to bring that love and flavor to every person who tries our beer and the crisp sweetness mixed with the pine aroma will make you feel like you're taking a ferry ride across the Puget Sound. There's nothing better than a Wet Wiener IPA on a drizzly Seattle day.

ABV: 9.3%

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