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Wagging Tails Foundation

What is the Wagging Tails Foundation?

We hope to help provide assistance and support for any person or Wobbly Butt going through a tough situation. Our ultimate goal is to be able to help provide financial support to those wobbly butt's in need of surgery or supplies to get them through those tough, painful situations. Errica and Ben are the proud parents of Addie-Jo and Leroy, the inspirations behind Wagging Tails and Wobbly Butt Brewery and we wanted to give back the love our Wobbly Butts have given us.

How Wagging Tails got started

Wagging Tales was originally founded when Leroy had slightly ruptured one of his discs. Any Dachshund parent will tell you that back issues are a very common and scary ordeal. Leroy went through a minor surgery to repair the disc and after several hours was able to go home and rest. His total adventure cost over $5,000 and that can be a very steep price for anyone to pay, but we felt it was the right thing to do for Leroy and we are very glad that we did it, though the financial burden that can come with surgeries, medications and medical supplies can be hard on anyone. 

We unfortunately have to now add a new story behind the Wagging Tales idea. Our beloved, sweet Addie-Jo passed away very unexpectedly on July 1st, 2023. She was such a large piece of our life and gave so much love to her family, it has completely broken our hearts and our souls feel a little more empty now. Before saying our last goodbyes and giving Addie one last hug, we had to pay for all the services the clinic provided us, including a cremation service.

These are all things that we want to help with, we understand that having a fur baby in your life isn't always easy but having someone to reach out to in times of need can make it a little easier. That is what the Wagging Tails Foundation stands for.

Going forward, The Wagging Tails Foundation will be dedicated in the name of our sweet baby girl, Addie-Jo. All donations will be in her honor and will go to help any pet parent in need. You can also visit us at the Wobbly Butt Tap Room & Eatery to pay your respects to the sweetest Wobbly Butt there ever was.

**We are still in the forming process but if you would like to donate please click the link below.**


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