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Wagging Tails Foundation

What is the Wagging Tails Foundation?

We hope to help provide assistance and support for any person or Wobbly Butt going through a tough situation. Our ultimate goal is to be able to help provide financial support to those wobbly butt's in need of surgery or supplies to get them through those tough, painful situations. Errica and Ben are the proud parents of Addie-Jo and Leroy, the inspirations behind Wagging Tails and Wobbly Butt Brewery. We wanted to give back the love our wobbly butts have given us.

How Wagging Tails got started

Wobbly Butt Brewery was founded around the love Ben & Errica have for Leroy and Addie-Jo and seeing their butts wobble as the front door opens. But as any Dachshund parent will tell you, there are some risks every fearless wobbly butt can face, those risks can be very scary at times as well. Leroy had to face some of those risks head on in 2015 when, being the stubborn dachshund he is, he fell of the bed and landed on his back. Being in so much pain he didn't want to move, Ben rushed him to Banfield Pet Hostpial and after some X-rays it was determined that he had slightly displaced one of his discs in his lower back. After a few weeks of crate rest, pain meds, exercises and therapy, Leroy was back to his normal stubborn self. 

Then in 2017 Leroy gained a new little sister, Addie-Jo. They quickly became inseparable and he began showing Addie how to look cute to get extra treats and when to hide because mom and dad were going to work and if they can't find you then they won't go to work. But not long after Addie-Jo got home, Leroy woke up one day unable to walk and in excruciating pain. His back legs were very limp and couldn't support his weight, so in a panic, Ben again rushed him to Banfield. They quickly realized what had happened and called a local emergency vet, the wonderful staff at Banfield gave Leroy hugs and kisses before he left to see the surgeon. 

After getting to the surgeons office and a couple more X-rays, they determined Leroy had in fact, ruptured a disc. But fortunately for him, it was only a minor rupture and the surgeon felt he could do a minor-invasive surgery to keep it from getting worse. So after 3 long grueling hours (for Ben) Leroy emerged wagging his tail and excited to go home. But before he was able to go home, Ben had to pay over $1000 to cover just the visit. The receptionist was wonderful and very helpful but it pained her to say we will be receiving a bill for over $2000 for the remainder of the surgery and meds.

After getting home, Addie-Jo made to sure to stay by Leroy's side no matter what and after a couple of weeks, Leroy was able to start walking in the yard on his own. Addie making sure she kept an eye on him the entire time of course. It was a long process and after maxing out a couple credit cards (that took a couple years to pay off) Leroy has fully healed and though he still shows a few signs of his journey, he's as good as new.


Leroy during his crate rest

Leroy on his way to the surgeon


Addie making sure Leroy is comfy

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