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Leroy Jethro

Ryder Jones

A little about Leroy, Addie-Jo and Ryder

Leroy was only 6 months old when Ben took him home, he spent the first few years of his life in Colorado then began traveling the country. He loved going to the new places and meeting new people, but he fell in love with North Carolina, it was the perfect amount of sun and the temperature was great for laying in the yard all the time.

Addie-Jo came from a very loving place in Northern North Carolina, she was the smallest of her brothers and sisters but that didn't stop her from having the biggest personality. She immediately found her purpose in life as Sam's guardian, she loved him to the moon and back and he loved her. Even though she's gone, Sam and Leroy still ask about her all the time, keeping her memory alive. She will forever live in our hearts.

Ryder is the newest member of the Wobbly Butt family. He came home on October 18th at only 12 weeks old and within 2 days he was already feeling at home. Leroy instantly started showing him the ropes and they became the best of friends. Ryder is already getting used to his home away from home at the Wobbly Butt Tap Room and the staff absolutely adore him and his big floppy ears.

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